#SCHOLARSHIP21 | REMUS Scholarships

Unique opportunity for female bachelor's and master's students at Graz University of Technology! REMUS will also be awarding 5 scholarships for bright minds in 2021!


Maximum 24 months (with appropriate proof of success)

Bachelor students: € 333.33 per month
Master's students: € 666.67 per month


An - additionally paid! - Internship at REMUS for a period of 2 months.


Your complete application including

  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Proof of previous positive school or university results and
  • two letters of recommendation from teachers

please send your application electronically to bachelorstipendium-remus@tugraz.at or masterstipendium-remus@tugraz.at by Thursday, 31 October 2020.

The documents of applicants studying mechanical engineering or industrial engineering and management must be submitted in German, the documents of applicants studying production, science and management must be submitted in English.

Further information on the scholarship, the requirements and conditions of participation: www.tugraz.at/.../remus-scholarships.


The first REMUS scholarships were awarded to 3 Bachelor students and 2 Master students of TU Graz in 2019.


“The application process for the scholarship opened more doors for me. I found out about the trainee programme at the REMUS Group and applied for it. It is very interesting for me that REMUS has part of its production in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I am originally from. I would use my technical and language skills to strengthen the cooperation between different countries. Thus, I hope to become a permanent member of the REMUS Group very soon.”

Bojana, Master's student Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

“It is a very good feeling and also a great confirmation both from the Graz University of Technology and from such a well known company to have been shortlisted from so many candidates and finally to have received this scholarship place. I see the scholarship and the internship as a great opportunity to gain practical insights into mechanical engineering and all its facets, as well as into economic aspects, in addition to my studies.”

Heike, Bachelor student Mechanical Engineering

“The REMUS Group scholarship is a motivating recognition of my achievements so far and at the same time also an motivation to continue with my studies. In addition to the financial support, I get the opportunity to gain an insight into business and build up contacts in the world of motorsport. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for this support!”

Eva, Master's student Mechanical Engineering

“For me, as a wife and mum of a small child, it is particularly difficult to combine family and studies. Working is also an additional important factor that will not stay away - so good organisation and discipline play an important role here. I am pleased to have been selected to receive the scholarship and would like to express my sincere thanks to the REMUS Group. Finally, I would like to encourage all mothers: Dare to allow change and accept challenges.”

Sonja, Bachelor student Mechanical Engineering

“As a graduate of a commercial academy, it is obviously difficult to enter a technical studies programme. Nevertheless, my school background gives me a different perspective on certain facets of technology, even if this is not the typical career path in industry. For this reason, I am grateful to the REMUS Group not only for their confidence in me, but also for their belief that successful lateral entries are possible. For me, receiving the REMUS Group scholarship is not only a financial support, but also a motivation to keep doing my best.”

Dorcas, Bachelor student Mechanical Engineering