"contribute to a better future"

REMUS heartremus is a proud partner of Concordia Social Projects. REMUS and Concordia have been working together for years and have achieved a lot during this time. Together they have already accompanied and completed 300 children completely through the vocational school. This joint project makes REMUS, as a proud partner, very confident - we are pleased to be able to make this contribution to a better future for the children!

"I think we live in social peace and unbelievable abundance. To think from time to time about the fact that we experience bitter poverty in our own ranks in Austria, but also an hour's flight from Vienna, forces one back to the ground of facts and normality. The cost of a pair of children's shoes or a lift ticket in Austria for skiing means the survival of a Romanian family. CONCORDIA is simply worth a donation and with that one should try to turn birthday presents, Christmas presents to customers or to employees into donations for the poorest of the poor. I would summarize it as follows: CONCORDIA is a nice feeling."

- Stephan Zöchling, CEO REMUS

ABOUT CONCORDIAbitte spenden Sie.

CONCORDIA Social Projects consists of a non-profit foundation based in Vienna and four non-profit organizations in Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria and Germany. The social projects support children, youth and families in need through fast and direct help on the spot. CONCORDIA is not only working in the field of children and youth, but also in the field of health care for the elderly, people in need and with medical care.

Concordia Social Projects Support

Their work is determined by 5 goals for children and 4 offers of help for adults:

  • Enabling people to grow up in the origin family
  • Poverty reduction
  • Education for all
  • Economic independence
  • Reducing inequality
  • Emergency sleeping places for (young) adults
  • Temporary help for adults in need
  • Care and support for elderly people
  • fully-assisted living for people with special needs

REMUS heartYou want to become a partner of CONCORDIA and help children, teenagers, families and adults?
You will find all necessary information here at www.concordia.or.at.