Sport Exhaust Audi S3 type 8v

REMUS Innovation proudly presents the sport exhaust for the Audi S3 type 8V
EC approved sport exhaust with six fully adjustable tail-pipe options.
This product features:
  • Aggressive racing sound
  • Power increase
  • Reduced back pressure
  • Lighter construction
The highlight, a full 76mm stainless steel turbo-back system featuring a 200 CPSI high flow catalyst and optional front resonator or racing tube and a bi-modal resonated rear sportexhaust with (4x) fully adjustable tips. The turbo-back system adds 20 HP (compared to 10 HP for the cat-back), adds a deep rumble to the 2.0l TSFI 300 HP turbo charged engine and simultaneously amplifies the turbo whistle to make it a distinct part of the powerful exhaust note.
The rear resonated sportexhaust lowers back pressure considerably and is inclusive of adjustable brackets to perfectly mount onto the chassis mounting points. The REMUS sportexhaust features (2x) OE quality mechanical valves and reuses the electronic actuators from the OE system. The REMUS bi-modal design seamlessly integrates the S3 dynamic engine sound settings and allows for the electronically operated valves to open based on engine RPM and the driver selected mode setting.

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The unique REMUS sport exhaust design has fully adjustable slip-on tips, available in 4 different designs to customize the rear aesthetic based on specific preferences. These tip designs include (4x) 84mm angled carbon fiber with titanium internals, (4x) 84mm angled chrome, (4x) 84mm non-angled black chrome with carbon insert, and (4x) 84mm non-angled brushed stainless with carbon insert.



Experience the powerful sound of the REMUS sport exhaust for the Audi S3 type 8V.


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