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RACING Cat-Back system with 2 integrated electrical valves, without homologation (selectable tail pipes)
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Cat-back sport exhaust system
The REMUS cat-back solution for the VW Golf VII GTI and GTI Performance is designed to work in perfect cooperation with the stock catalytic converter of the engine. Reduced back pressure and optimized flow dynamics grant a significant increase in power and torque in combination with the well-known sonorous REMUS sound. Due to lightweight construction and sophisticated materials, a reduction in weight can be seen in comparison to the stock exhaust system.


The RACING Cat-Back-System consists of:
-Racing tube instead of front silencer
-Connection tube
-Racing sport exhaust centered for L/R system (without tail pipes)
-with 2 integrated electrical valves
-actuators and remote control module
-tube Ø 76 mm

-without homologation
-Racing cat-back-system is only mountable together with REMUS rear diffusor 951401 HES (carbon optic) respectively 952401 HES (black satin)!

Connection tube 955213 0000 not necessary!

The activation of the valve is carried out using the supplied remote control key fob, sound controller and electrical actuator which allows the valve to be operated in 4 different positions.


  • Aggressive racing sound
  • Shot blasted surface, 100% stainless steel
  • Performance increase, low back pressure
  • Light weight construction
  • Perfect shape and fitment
  • Handmade in Austria
  • 24 months warranty
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Supported vehicles
  • VW Golf VII Typ(e) AU 2.0l TSI, GTI 162kW 2013=> CHH
  • VW Golf VII Typ(e) AU 2.0l TSI, GTI Performance 169kW 2013=> CHH
  • VW Golf VII Clubsport Typ(e) AU 2.0l TSI, GTI Clubsport 195kW 2016=> CJXE

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2 504,40 €

Incl. 20% VAT , excl. Shipping Cost