Stephan Zöchling, CEO|CFO

Stephan Zöchling

With future-oriented business acumen and financial know-how, he directs the company's fortunes. He embodies POWER not only within the company, but also on the ski slopes as a member of the Schneggarei Racing TEAM.

Michael Haberl, CCO|CTO

Michael Haberl

A native Tyrolean, who has spent more than half of his life abroad, has set up his "base-camp" in Salzburg, in the heart of Austria - in between Voitsberg and Vandans. The man, who feels at home in all markets. He unifies market and technology worldwide like no other.

Evelin Polat, CHRO|CMO

Evelin Polat

Faster - higher - further. She lives by this motto not only at work, but also in her private life. You'll meet her at the most spectacular roller­coasters in the world. She always has an open ear for you and is the head of the creative gang.

Stefan Hütter, COO

Stefan Hütter

Operations manager from head to toe. Even at weekends, he can't keep his hands off technical work. The classic car collector restores cars and motorbikes together with his sons.