Remus: Born To Be Sound

The world capital with the richest engine sound? It is none of the large car-metropolises, but Bärnbach in Styria, the location of REMUS headquarters. The sports exhaust systems produced by the world market leader turn sound into music. In the series, as a tuning feature and in motorsport: the most successful car and bike brands in the world sound like REMUS. Behind the factory doors hides a fascinating universe of ingenious engineering. Science, sound engineering, high-tech fabrication and precision crafts interlock here. And because inspirational stories need inspiring storytellers, a lady with gasoline in her blood will be the insight guide through the REMUS World: Model and presenter Patricia Kaiser.

Her very first research assignment: the factory story. During a tour of the REMUS plant in Bärnbach it becomes clear quickly that people are not simply doing their jobs here. Over 700 people live here with enthusiasm for what makes the emotionality of the fascination of driving perfect: the sound. Cars and motorcycles from the series, tuning and motorsport owe their exhaust systems to REMUS. An indispensable feature, often underestimated in its significance, literally conquering the motor world from Bärnbach. REMUS exports more than 90 percent of its production to 60 countries worldwide.


Strong brand, strong founding history: Since 1990, Angelika and Otto Kresch had developed REMUS from a family startup to a global player in the industry in just a few years. The new CEO and owner Stephan Zöchling is now successively expanding this pole position of REMUS on the world market. Thanks to his first-class contacts in the industry both as an OEM supplier for production vehicles, as well as in the booming tuning and customizing segment. Zöchling: "As in many areas, customer demand for individuality also increases in mobility. And the unmistakable sound of our sport exhaust systems is one of the strongest statements here. The improved performance is added value."


The strictly guarded trade secret behind the worldwide success from Styria lies in the sound intelligence of REMUS. The specialists from Bärnbach are world leaders when it comes to translating the complex arithmetic of acoustic, thermal, mechanical and molecular behaviors of materials into quality products. In the research and development center the Sound of REMUS is precisely calculated for customers and vehicles based on highly complex algorithms. It is then transposed to the different sound body prototypes made of stainless steel, titanium, carbon and in motor sports even the ultra heat-resistant Inconel 625 which is also used in airplane construction. All new engine-sound compositions finally have their world premiere in the REMUS Sound Space: There, protected in a hermetically, absolutely sound neutral designed sound laboratory all possible situations are simulated on a high-tech test bed. As long as it takes for a new REMUS system to meet the highest demands. The checklist of influencing factors for the perfect sound includes a whole series of important elements that have to be taken in consideration. A high-end sports exhaust is just so much more than just a simple pot and a pipe.


After the prototype of a sports exhaust system has passed all the test series, including those on the REMUS’s own pass-by measuring section with constant pavement temperature all year-round and real-time data transmission via WLAN, the specialists from production take over. Teamwork between man and machine is the key to success: certain laser cutting, pipe bending and welding processes have long since been carried out by REMUS robots. Nevertheless, the precision craftsmanship on the assembly lines is and remains indispensable. Across all product lines for car and bike, the teams give the finishing touches to REMUS exhaust systems before they are delivered to the industry or to private customers.